Conwal (Donegal)

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The front of No. 1 Church Lane in Letterkenny's Cathedral Quarter
The front of No. 1 Church Lane in Letterkenny's Cathedral Quarter

From 1858 onwards, the occupier of Cottage No. 3 Church Lane was James Durseen and the immediate occupier was Rep. of Robert Duffy. The House whose rateable valuation was £1-0. The occupier changed to John Duffy with the Immediate lessor becoming William Doherty.

This situation stayed the same.  In 1868, Edward Murray became the Immediate Lessor taking over from William Doherty. In 1878, the occupier ceased to be John Duffy but the valuation remained at £1-0. There is no entry for a period. The property is demolished.

It goes from Cottage No. 3 Church Lane into No. 1 Church Lane as a two storey house is built in 1899. Three rooms and a kitchen. The dimension are 24*18ft and the rent is £12. The immediate lessor is Viscount Southwell. It then becomes James Diver before Cathy Diver takes over.

The occupiers of the new house were the Hogan family with Catherine Hogan paying the valuation first in 1898 replaced by Isabella Hogan in 1899 and is staying paying the rate in 1900. The Rateable Annual Valuation on the new property is £5-0.

The immediate lessor continues to be Catherine Diver with the occupier Isabella Hogan and the rateable annual valuation is still £5-0.

The owner remained to be Catherine Diver. In 1912 the occupier changed to O’Dowd and this changed again to John Houston in 1914 before Hugh Crerand took up occupation of the house in 1915 with the remaining the same.

In 1926, John Diver became the Immediate lessor replacing Cathy Diver. Hugh Crerand was still the occupier.

The situation remained the same until Viscount Southwell replaced John Diver as Immediate lessor of the property in 1948. Hugh Crerand was still the occupier. In 1964, John Crerand replaced his father as occupier with Viscount Southwell as Immediate Lessor and the Rateable Annual Valuation of £5 on the property. This situation stayed the same right until rates were abolished in 1977.

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