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Image © Google Maps
Image © Google Maps

Gob na Croise aka Cross Point (aka Cross aka Belderra) is an old graveyard situated on the coast near Cross Abbey graveyard and the main Cross cemetery (about 500 yards away to the west). It looks out across the Atlantic Ocean to the North, and Belderra Beach can be seen from the East. 

It has few readable headstones. Most of the burial plots have no markers or the headstones are too old and weathered to be read. Only about 5 headstones are legible with a date range from 1863-1908.  The graveyard has been partially restored and is well maintained by the Kilmore Rural Social Scheme (Shanahee, Belmullet) supervised by Brían Mac Suibhne, the caretaker of many other burial grounds on the Belmullet peninsula as well.



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Graveyard (Cemetery)

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