Kilbeagh (Mayo)

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Palm Cottage, Charlestown Ireland
Palm Cottage, Charlestown Ireland

One of my father’s first cousins, William Aloysius Kelly (1913-1997), told me that his widowed paternal grandmother, Anna Marie (Golden) Kelly (1844-1925) lived in the “Palm Cottage” on the Dublin Road in Charlestown, County Mayo, Ireland in the 1880s before immigrating to the United States about 1890.  Cousin William also said that his maternal great-grandmother, Mary (Duffy) O’Donnell (c. 1835-1904) lived in the Palm Cottage during her brief widowhood from 1903 to 1904.

The Palm Cottage’s best known owner and tenant was Annie Parsons, a dancer and aunt of Dennis Day (born Owen McNulty), an American radio and television personality in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

The Palm Cottage appears in several You Tube videos and, in April 2016, I made my first visit to Charlestown and found the cottage (with Palm Cottage inscribed over the front door) on the eastern edge of Charlestown.




  • My Name is Brendan Grady. My father is John Grady. His Aunt is Anne Parsons. I saw the picture you posted on Google images and sent it out to all my immediate family. No one recognized you. So I dug deeper. I read your short description of your connection with the house and am now writing you. This is all very interesting. I have never heard of your name or the names you listed. I must ask my mother. My father has passed on now 7 years.

    Just to note... That house is freezing!! :)

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    Saturday 31st March 2018 05:54PM

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