Percy's Bar formerly Kenna's

CloughjordanCounty Tipperary

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Percy's Pub

Now the home of The Middle Country Café, this property was Percy's Pub for over 20 years.  Prior to that it was the home and business belonging to the Kenna family known locally today as McKenna.

The pub during the Kenna ownership was a very tradional bar.  It had one extra factor as the family ran an undertaking business and the boxes for the shrouds/habits were in plain view behind the counter.  The boxes were divided into Brown for St. Joseph (Men) and Blue (Blessed Virgin) for women.  The various attachments which would be sown on to the breast area were also available for purchase.  


  • I understand what it is, but not 100%. I previously had my own small business. Unfortunately, went bankrupt and had to leave it. For a long time I could not find a job, a couple of months miraculously took on the distribution of flyers. But in the end, I quit, because it was terrible to treat me ... Then I decided to see my friends in Percy's Pub, hoping for some help. So it was, we met, I talked about the problem. They carefully listened to me and advised this site . Without thinking twice, I decided all the same, for there was already nothing to lose. And that was him. It was that chance with which I corrected my life for the better. Thank!

    Steve Dixon

    Thursday 17th October 2019, 02:35PM

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