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Statue of Phil Lynott in Temple Bar
Statue of Phil Lynott in Temple Bar

The Phil Lynott statue was unveiled in Dublin's famous Temple Bar on the 19th of August 2005. 

Phil Lynott was born Philip Parris Lynott in West Bromwich, England on the 20th of August 1949. His mother was an Irish woman, Philomena Lynott, and his father was Cecil Parris, from British Guiana. When he was 8 years old, Phil was sent to live with his grandparents in Crumlin, Dublin. In 1965, Phil joined his first band. They were called The Black Eagles. 3 years later, he and Brush Shiels formed the Irish rock band, Skid Row. This would be Phil's first time to sign with a manager; this was Ted Carroll, the same man who would later manage Thin Lizzy. Due to problems with his tonsils, Phil took a break from the band, during which time he was replaced as frontman. While recuperating, he learned how to play bass guitar. The next band that Phil Lynott joined was the short-lived, Orphanage. 

Phil Lynott

A picture of Phil Lynott (1985) singing. Philip Parris Lynott was Thin Lizzy's lead singer and his statue is located in Dublin, Ireland.

Brush Shiels

A picture of Brush Shiels who formed the Skid Crow, an Irish band.

In 1969 Phil Lynott formed the band, Thin Lizzy, along with Brian Downey, Eric Bell, and Eric Wrixon, though Wrixon left shortly after the band released their first single. The band would go on to achieve huge success, with hits such as Jailbreak, Whiskey in the Jar, and The Boys are Back in Town. The band saw a number of member changes and switches, with Phil Lynott always remaining as the enigmatic frontman. As drug abuse became a problem, the band began to fall apart, ultimately disbanding in 1983. Phil was becoming increasingly dependent upon drugs, which caused tensions in the band and began to adversely affect his health. 

Thin Lizzy

A picture of members of Irish rock band Thin Lizzy performing. Two of Thin Lizzy's known albums are Jailbreak and Live and Dangerous (The one in the middle is Phil Lynott).

A picture of members of Irish rock band Thin Lizzy performing. Two of Thin Lizzy's known albums are Jailbreak and Live and Dangerous.

Brian Downey

A picture of Brian Downey who was a member of the band, Thin Lizzy. Brian Downey was Thin Lizzy's drummer.

Eric Bell

A picture of Eric Bell who was a member of the band, Thin Lizzy.

Phil Lynott was married to Caroline Crowther with whom he had 2 daughters, Sarah and Cathleen. He also had a son 10 years earlier who had been given up for adoption but was reunited with his paternal grandmother in 2003. 

On Christmas Day 1985, Phil Lynott collapsed and was brought to the Salisbury Infirmary. He was suffering from septicaemia, and later pneumonia. This was a result of his drug use. On the 4th of January 1986, Phil Lynott lost his fight for life and passed away in an intensive care unit. He was 36 years old. 

Today, Phil Lynott is remembered for his captivating stage presence and his wonderful music, which continues to be extremely popular. He is commemorated by a statue in Dublin's Temple Bar, where his songs can often be heard from the speakers of the surrounding pubs. 



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