RathlinCounty Antrim

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Rathlin Lighthouse, Co. Antrim
Rathlin Lighthouse, Co. Antrim

Rathlin Lighthouse, or Rathlin O'Birne to give its full name, is also known as the "upside down" lighthouse as its light is at the bottom of the building rather than the top tower like other lighthouses in Ireland. The lighthouse is reached by boat as it is situated on Rathlin Island, an important seabird colony.

The lighthouse was built in the early 1900s by excavating into the cliff face and lighthouse keepers lived there until 1983. According to Great Lighthouses of Ireland, 'the fog signal, dubbed the ‘Rathlin Bull’, could be heard from more than 30km away. It was removed in 1995 after 70 years’ service.'


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