Richmond Barracks (built in 1810) was named after Charles Lennox, 4th Duke of Richmond. The Barracks was first occupied by the British Army in 1814 and rename Keogh Barracks in 1922 after its handover to the Irish Free State Army. 

The buildings that have survived to this day here have very specific connections to the Easter Rising and its immediate aftermath. 

  • After the surrender, it was designated by the British as the holding centre for over 3,000 suspected rebels, until they were released or sent to prison camps in England, Wales and Northern Ireland;
  • The signatories of the Proclamation (with the exception of James Connolly) and other leaders were also interned, court-martialled and sentenced to death in the barracks before they were sent to Kilmainham Gaol for execution.

During the First World War, newly enlisted Irishmen were stationed here before going overseas to fight in the Great War.

After the Irish Free State was founded in 1922, it was occupied by the Irish Army, until the Irish government closed Keogh Barracks down in later that year. They renamed it Keogh Barracks (after Commander Tom Keogh who fought in the war of independence). 

Following the barracks' closure

  • the Christian Brothers purchased three of the buildings and turned them into "St Michaels Christian Brothers School", adding a national school in 1929;
  • Dublin Corporation used the barracks building to house Dublin families who were on the housing list; and later built Keogh Square here (demolished in 1970) later replaced by St. Michaels Estate, Inchicore.

The remaining buildings of Richmond Barracks have recently undergone restoration and opened as a vVisitor attraction in 2020.

The Richmond Barracks Museum today forms part of a wider heritage trail of significant historical locations in the Dublin 8 area which include


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