Roscrea's first Automobile dealer (c.1910) and the Birthplace of Daisy Bates ( Australia's first Antropological Researcher.

RoscreaCounty Tipperary

Roscrea's first Auto dealer - repairs - rental - circa 1910 -

Moynan.s Auto Sales and Service circa 1910.

The house to the left of Moynan's in this picture is the birthplace of " Daisy Bates"  she of Australian fame and folklore . . 

Born Margaret Dwyer (1859-1851), sometimes known as Daisy May O'Dwyer, and Daisy May Bates, CBE (Australia) having become Australia's famous folk-heroine, journilist, and ground breaker with her work in living,working and recording the life and language and customs of the then  Aboriginal peoples. Born in poor circumstances she  always strived to improve herself and hoping to find love and fulfillment in faraway Australia, she finally found where she could best express her social conscience in trying to improve the lot of a very downtrodden people, her adopted Aboriginal peoples, whom she identified with and who in turn came to love her and who gave her the title of ' Kabbarli ' (Grandmother).

Honoured by the Australian Government for her work in recording and researching the language and traditions of her adoptive family on the Nullibar Plains.

She is honoured and remembered in her native Roscrea with a small garden of Australian plants upkeep by " Tidy Towns " 


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