Sarah Bridge aka Islandbridge

St Jude'sCounty Dublin

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A view of the City of Dublin in 1816 (with Sarah's Bridge in the mid-foreground) by Thomas Sautelle Roberts

Sarah Bridge or Sarah's Bridge in Dublin facilitated the crossing of the River Liffey via Phoenix Park and Kilmainham.

  • There was a bridge on the Liffey at Island Bridge from medieval times, but frequent flooding of the river caused damage to a succession of bridges. 

It was named in honour of Sarah, Countess of Westmorland, wife of the Lord Lieutenant, who laid the first stone in 1791.

Opened in 1793, this elegant single elliptical arched bridge was situated about half a mile upriver from King’s Bridge (Heuston Station) and is visible in this early 19th-century engraving of the view from the Magazine Fort in Phoenix Park.

Fishermen are pulling nets from the river and well-dressed women are taking a walk on the strand. The newly built Wellington Monument can be seen on the left of the picture in the Phoenix Park.

Click here to see George Petrie's engraving from 1828.

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