The Silas Purvis home

ArboeCounty Tyrone

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Silas Purvis' home in Arboe, Tyrone, Northern Ireland- also home of Thomas Purvis and Richard Purvis

This home is plot 38 in Griffith's Evaluation for Mullinahoe; he also rented Plot 3 in Upper Killycavanan from Rev W. Chichester O'Neill.  

Just down the road is Purvis' corner, where Purvises owned all the properties and the children are said to have gathered together to troop up the hill to school.

When Silas Purvis died, his son Silas inherited. When Silas died without living posterity, his cousin Thomas Purvis came into 

the property. The original Silas Purvis' daugher, Eliza, my great-grandmother, grew up in this home. Her son Samuel W. Purvis,

a Philadelphia, PA (USA) minister, came to visit Thomas Purvis in 1926. When Thomas died, his son Richard inherited.


Griffith's Valuation, Mullanahoe, Plot 38; Northern Ireland. Great Britain. VIEW SOURCE

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