Arboe (Tyrone)

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Silas Purvis' home in Arboe, Tyrone, Northern Ireland- also home of Thomas Purvis and Richard Purvis
Silas Purvis' home in Arboe, Tyrone, Northern Ireland- also home of Thomas Purvis and Richard Purvis

This home is plot 38 in Griffith's Evaluation for Mullinahoe; he also rented Plot 3 in Upper Killycavanan from Rev W. Chichester O'Neill.  

Just down the road is Purvis' corner, where Purvises owned all the properties and the children are said to have gathered together to troop up the hill to school.

When Silas Purvis died, his son Silas inherited. When Silas died without living posterity, his cousin Thomas Purvis came into 

the property. The original Silas Purvis' daugher, Eliza, my great-grandmother, grew up in this home. Her son Samuel W. Purvis,

a Philadelphia, PA (USA) minister, came to visit Thomas Purvis in 1926. When Thomas died, his son Richard inherited.


Griffith's Valuation, Mullanahoe, Plot 38; Northern Ireland. Great Britain. VIEW SOURCE

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  • Hi, thanks for uploading this. Strangely enough I have been researching Silas Purvis a little as he was the original owner of the property which I now own in Leith, Edinburgh. Back then it was a butchers shop and I've been trying to find any photos of the property from the time Silas would have lived here.


    Wednesday 3rd March 2021 05:51PM
  • Joe, this is the house in Mullinahoe, Ardboe, Tyrone, Ireland. My Silas Purvis was a farmer. Your Silas is his grandson by Silas' son, Robert. Shoemaker/bootmaker Robert Purvis married Emily Sharp, 1 November 1859 in Arboe, but had moved to Dumbarton, Scotland, by the time his first child, named Jane after his mother, was born in 1860. Your Silas was"Born on the Fourth of July" (as an American might say) 1862 in Dumbarton. He married Jennet Hawkins, 15 May 1885 in North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. Silas was indeed a butcher. He and Jennet had 13 children, 5 of whom died young. 

    So, I am sorry to say to you, that this is the home of Silas Purvis-the-butcher's grandfather, Silas Purvis b. 1792. I hope you can find an image for your prospect in Leith. Is the Silas Purvis property historic in the sense that old buildings are on it? Local historical societies might have a shot. Check out Silas Purvis on My grandfather, Samuel W. Purvis, visited Silas' daughter Emily Chancellor in Edinburgh in 1927, after visiting other cousins in Ardboe earlier on his trip, including the one who was then living in this house.


    Wednesday 3rd March 2021 06:33PM
  • I was thrilled to see this site and log onto Irelandxo as I have been researching the Purvis families from Arboe for 25 years from New Zealand trying to obtain the link between the Purvis families that arrived and their relationship to my gr grandmother Jane Anne Purvis.   Alexander Craig and his wife Letitia(nee Purvis) arrived in New Zealand on the Loch Awe from Ireland in 1874  this co-incides with Jane having an intention to marry of 2 months in NZ to an old Soldier Sidney Thorne whom lived close by to a Robert McKee married to Letitia's sister Sarah Purvis,  mother Sarah whom was married to Ambrose Purvis arrived later with Mary Nobbs (Purvis)   Robert McKee was the witness on Jane's marriage certificate and Alexander Craig was noted as her guardian but I have discounted the direct line to Ambrose and Sarah and my research has resulted I believe that Jane born 20th February 1856  is the daughter of Samuel Purvis born 29th October 1833 and his wife Nancy Anne McQuestion.   Samuel I believe had  a brother James and a sister Rachael and his parents were William Purvis and Mary.  I have extensive research on the tree of Ambrose however I believe it will be two links back to be able to link in my William....

    I am linked through DNA to a Nancy Pearce  3rd to 5th cousin whom I have been trying to locate but no response  shared Ancestral names  Mary Ann Purvis Nancy Pearces grandmother, John Henry Purvis,  her great grandfather  and Dolway Purvis Nancy';s great great grandfather. I am sure this DNA is the key but no further Purvis links have come through on my DNA with My Heritage and Ancestry or no response from my enquiries. 

    I would love to be in touch with you,  my name Faye Brea,   as  Jane's life has been a haunt to me from the day of my 50th Birthday,  how I would love to know more about her family in Ireland and the connections.


    Warmest regards and huge hugs dear Purvis relative I am sure somewhere on the tree of Arboe. 


    Sunday 15th August 2021 03:43AM

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