Inagh (Clare) County Clare

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Sileshaun townland, pronounced "Soil-shaun" (the little light or lamp) is a large townland divided into East and West near Inagh.  

This land was owned by Teigue McShane McEnchroe (Catholic) until it was forfeited to the Earl of Inchiquin (Protestant) under Cromwell. 

At the time of the Down Survey in 1640 "Soillsane" comprised 686 Plantation Acres (Irish Acres) of "profitable" land and 462 of "unprofitable" land. The 686 profitable acres were forfeited. 

In this parish of Inagh, Sileshaun East, was home to the largest cluster of Leydons who had a considerable holding there, in joint partnership. (This family extended east into the adjoining townlands of Garvoghil and Maghera).

Family names associated with this townland in the 19th century were: 

Leydon, Galvin, Daffy, Neylon, O'Rourke, O'Reilly

1843 TITHE APPLOTMENT RECORDS (TA) for "Silshane" owned by Lord Thomond


Patrick Galvin (GV John Galvin & Mary Enright #2a)

Patrick Gilligan

Patrick Bready (Ready? Brady?)

John Roughan (GV Drumanahagh)

John Hogan

Michael Ready 

John Leaden (GV John Leydan #6a held 84 acres, new house £1)

John Hagarty

Michael Leaden  (GV Michael Leydan #4Aa house value15s., 82 acres held jointly with Connor & Martin | #3 land only 33 acres)

Connor Leaden & Norah Carmody GV #4Ac old house value10s. (see 1852 baptism notes below)

Martin Leaden  #4Ab old house value10s. 82 acres held in partnership with Connor & Michael


James Enwright (GV #1b West, land at #2a)

John Enwright (GV #1a West, land at #2b)

John Keating (GV James Katy #4a, Martin Katy #6a)

William Louney (GV William Looney #5a)

Michael Donohue 

Dennis Cullinan (GV#2c house)

Michael Clune

James Guttery (GV James Guthrie land at #9)

Patrick Guttery (GV Patrick Guthrie #8a, Terence Guthrie land at #7)

Dr. Costello

John Henessy (GV Mary Henessy #2d house)

James Doolin (GV James Doolan #3a)

John Enwright

James Geornan / Guerin

Widow Foally

Charles Cullinan (1846-7 had 3 cows, 12 acres)


1846-47 Public Works (Famine Relief) – Corofin Committee (*some new names appear)

Patrick Gilligan of Silshane had 2 cows, 1 horse, 14 Irish acres

Michael Clune of Silshane had 26 Irish acres (about 42 statute acres) labouring

Michael Leaden  of Silshane (GV #4Aa)  had 12 Irish Acres, 4 cows, 1 horse, 6 sheep.

Martin Leaden  of Silshane (GV #4Ab) had 10 Irish Acres, 3 cows.

Martin Kealy  of Silshane had 10 Irish Acres, 3 cows.

townland not recorded...

  • John Leaden (of Inagh) had 4 cows, 1 horse, 15 Irish acres
  • Michael Leaden (of Inagh) had 3 cows, 1 horse, 14 Irish acres

(Pat Lynch of Garrovoghill next door had 2 cows and 10 Irish acres). 


1855 Griffiths Valuation of SILESHAUN EAST owned by The Marquis of Thomond (recently deceased)

John Barry (land only at #1 - see Maghera or Drumcarna)

John Galvin #2a (42 acres 15s house) 

Michael Leydon (land only at #3, 33 acres, lived at 4a)

Michael Leydan & Mary Griffin of #4Aa house value15s., 82 acres held jointly with Connor & Martin | #3 land only 33 acres)

Connor Leaden & Honora "Norah" Carmody GV #4Ac old house value10s.

Martin Leaden  #4Ab old house value10s. 82 acres held in partnership with Connor & Michael

John Daffy #5a (7acres and house valued at 5s)

John Leydan #6a held 84 acres, new house £1)

1855 Griffiths Valuation nearby

Brigid Leydan (widow) Maghera

Joseph Leydan Garvogil (adjoining)




Inagh RC Silshane Couples baptizing (address confirmed)

East #1 John Barry & Biddy Enright 1854

East #2a John Galvin & Mary Enright 1855, 1859, 1863, 1865

East #4a Michael Leyden & Mary Griffin baptizing 1852 (sp Joseph & Mary Leaden)

East #4b Connor Leyden & Honora "Norry" Carmody baptizing 1852 (sp John & Mary Leydon), 1857 (sp Martin & Mary Leyden) 1860 (sp Pat Daffy & Ellen Leyden) 1864 (James daffy & Anna Hogan)

East #5a John Daffy & Brigid Beaky 1856

East #6a? John Leyden & Mary Kinnane/ Guinnane of Silshane baptizing 1852  (sp Ml O 'Loughlin & Mgt Fitzgibbon)

East #6a? Matthew Leyden & Mary Kinnane 1859 (sp Martin & Mary Leaden)

Michael Fitzgibbon & Suan O Keffe 1860


West #1 Michael Enright & Biddy McMahon 1857, 1860, 1863

West #3a James Doolin & Johanna Hehir 1853

Patrick Dooli & Brigid Corry 1856

West #4a John Keaty/ Keating & Mary Hogan 1852 (sp Dominic & Mgt Keaty) Martin Keaty & Mary Hogan 1854

James Keaty & Catherine Lynch 1852 (sp Martin Keaty & Margt Griffin) 1853. 1859

West #? James Guerin & Biddy Hehir 1853, 1857,

West #8a Pat Guthrie & Margaret Griffy 1854

West #9 James Guthrie & Brigid McGuane 1854 (sp Michael & Brigid Leyden)

Pat & Loughlin & Brigid Houlihan 1861


Inagh RC Garrivogil Couples baptizing (address confirmed)

Joseph Leyden & Honora Marrinan 1855 (Brigid sp Peter & Anne Marrinan) 1856 (Michael sp Peter ' Susan Marrinan) 1858 (Mary sp Thos Burke Mary Leyden) 1862 (Anne sp Ml & An Greene)

John Leyden & Ann Lynch 1857 (Mary sp Wlm Coman & Mary Lynch) 1862 (Margaret sp Martin & Mary Leyden)






Inagh RC Marriages (no address)

NLI Film 02472/01

14.05.1859 John Leyden Anne Lynch   Thomas Barry, Thady Curtin page 136
05.06.1859 John Kinnane Mary Guthrie   John Leyden, Michael Leyden page 136
07.02.1860 Michael Greene Anne Marrinan   Joseph Leyden, Thomas Greene page 136
21.02.1860 John McMahon Mary Leyden   Pat Toohy, Michael Leyden page 137
21.07.1860 Denis Sullivan Mary Leyden   Simon Madigan, Biddy Halloran page 137
30.01.1861 Pat Clune Anne Scullane   Thomas Scullane, Martin Leyden page 138
30.01.1861 Pat Kelly Honora Leyden   Martin Leyden, Michael Leyden page 138
21.09.1861 John Scullane Mary Casey   Martin Leyden, James Devitt page 138 bride & groom were [3rd cousins]
02.02.1863 James Sullivan Honora Leyden   Michael Hogan, Thomas Burke page 140


NLI Film 02472/02

23.02.1866 Patrick Gilligan Eleanor O'Donohue   Martin Leyden, William Leahy page 100
27.01.1869 Cornelius Leyden Mary Hegarty   Daniel Meehan, Bridget Kelly page 101
09.02.1869 Michael Leyden Catherine O'Sullivan   John Leyden, Ellen Leyden page 102
01.03.1870 Pat Leyden Ellen Griffy   Mat Hicky, Mary Griffy page 102
03.02.1872 Joseph Hillary Anne Leyden   P. Daly, Honor Leahy page 103
12.02.1872 Michael Enright Ellen Leyden   John Galvan, Brid Purcel page 104
17.02.1873 Mathew Hickey Ellen Donohue   Thomas Leyden, Ellen Donohue page 104
19.02.1873 Pat Leyden Mary Donohue   Pat Leyden, Mary Donohue page 104   187
21.02.1873 Pat Leyden Margaret Monaghan   Pat and Brid Monaghan page 104
08.01.1875 Thomas Meehan Mary Murtagh   John Leyden page 105   217
10.01.1875 Edmund Ballinger Mary Baky   John McGuan, Margaret Hagarty page 105
10.02.1875 John Clare Brid O'Brien   Connor Leyden, Margaret Keane page 105
08.02.1876 Michael Guerin Honor Leyden   Pat McMahon, Bid O'Dea page 106
24.02.1876 Patrick McNamara Brid Leyden   Michael Gerathy, Mary Kelly page 106
28.02.1876 James Guthery Mary Leyden   Michael Clune, Mary O'Brien page 10
07.02.1877 Michael Leyden Cath Hegarty   Thomas Gallery, Mary Howard page 10
13.02.1877 Pat Neylon Anne Tierney   Thomas Callinan, Mary Leyden page 107
05.02.1878 Pat Kelly Honor Leyden   Cath Kelly page 107


RC Baptisms giving Silshane as an address:

1859 John Leydon & Mary Kinnane of Silshane invited Martin and Mary Leydon as godparents.

1860 baptism confirms Norah Carmody the wife of Connor Leydon, Ellen Leyden and Patt Daffy godparents). Norah Leydon was still alive in the 1901 Census here.

Ellis Island 1915

Michael Leyden 22 (b1893)  & Thomas Leyden 19 (b.1896) sons of John Leyden, Morris Mills, County Clare    24    July    1915    SHIP: Arabic    via Liverpool    TO: Sister, Nellie Leyden, 140, Lennox Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island

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