KilnamanaghCounty Roscommon

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St Bridget's aka Breedoge RC Chruch est 1869
St Bridget's aka Breedoge RC Chruch est 1869


The Catholic Church of St Brigid at Breedoge, was one of two beautiful churches in the district realised by the Rev. Fr. Matthew J. Barrett PP Kilnamanagh. He was appointed to the district in 1859 and quickly began searching for a site for the new church. He was well-connected and in May 1865, a fund-raising raffle was held with gold rings as prizes. At that point a remaining £500 had yet to be raised. The cost of the roofing alone was £400 and he appealed to donors in Dublin for assistance, given that his parishoners were all small tenant farmers, coould not be pressed for more.  In February 1869, Breedoge's new RC church was dedicated to the town's namesake - St Bridget (Breedogue is the Irish for Brigid).

Freeman's Journal - Friday 19 February 1869

DEDICATION of the new Catholic Church of St. Bridget, Parish of Kilnamanagh, Diocese of Elphin.

-On Sunday last, the 14th Instant, this beautiful little Church was solemnly dedicated to the service of Almighty God. The Sacred Ceremony was performed by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, assisted on the occasion by the Most Rev. Dr. Durcan, Lord Bishop of Achonry. The Sermon was preached by the Rev. Wm. Fortescue, S.J. The Church was crowded to suffocation by a most respectable audience. The proceeds of the collection, after the Sermon, will be applied to liquidate a debt incurred in the erection of the sacred edifice. To all who contributed on the occasion, and to those who have sent their contributions by post, the Rev Mr Barrett returns his sincere thanks, some of whose names are given. A debt still remains due. Any further contribu- tions for this charitable purpose will be gratefully acknow- ledged by the Rev Matthew J Barrett, P P. Kilnamanagh, Fort- view, Frenchpark

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