Eaglais Naomh Séamais aka St. James Church of Ireland was established in 1707 near St. James's Gate (a shrine dedicated to the saint pilgrims since medieval times) and the site of the medieval chapel of St. James of Compostella (first referred to in the mid-13th century). It stands directly opposite the RC Chapel of St James. Today, this church building is now the Pearse Lyons Distillery. The current incarnation was constructed in 1859. Its steeple was removed in 1949 after being struck by lightning. The large cemetery behind the former Church of Ireland building is reputed to have over 40,000 people interred there. Excavations in the 1980s found some medieval coins and brooches as well as ornaments associated with the pilgrimage to Compostella. During the Fair of Saint James, garlands and flowers were adorned over some of the gravestones. In the centre of the cemetery is a monument to Sir Toby Butler, the Solicitor General for Ireland (1689-1690). Across the road from this church, in the middle of the road, is the ‘Fountain’, an obelisk with 4 sundials with a drinking fountain at its base, built in 1790 by the Duke of Rutland, the Lord Lieutenant. It was an old cutom that funeral processions passing the Fountain would circle three times before carrying on to the cemetery. In recent years, the obelisk has been restored. The cemetery survey is free online here: https://historicgraves.com/graveyard/st-james-s/du-sjms

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