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St. John's Lighthouse, Co. Down
St. John's Lighthouse, Co. Down

St. John's Lighthouse is operated by the Commissioners of Irish Lights. It was first operated in 1844. Its history is outlined by the Commissioners:

A lighthouse at St John's Point, Co. Down was approved by the Corporation for Preserving and Improving the Port of Dublin (the Ballast Board) in 1839. Capt. P. R. Browne, a local landlord, was the building contractor and the foundation stone was laid by the Marquis of Downshire. It appears that work progressed rapidly but there was a delay in commissioning the light. The original station layout consisted of a 45 foot high tower, painted white, and two dwellings designed by George Halpin, the Ballast Board's Inspector of Works and Inspector of Lighthouses. A rock-cut boat landing place was provided to the south-east.


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