Artane (Dublin)

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aka St David's Secondary School today
aka St David's Secondary School today

Scoil Ard Aidhin aka Artane Industrial School aka St. Joseph's Industrial School for Boys was opened in 1870 on the former site of Artane Castle. It was run by the Christian Brothers supervised by Br. Thomas Hoope. 

Roman Catholic boys (up to the age of 14) were sent here by magistrates who committed them on the grounds of neglect (inadequate parental care or destitution) truancy, or other minor offences. The boys were to receive religious instruction, secular education and a wide variety of industrial training. The facility comprised a CBS school, farm, trade workshops and accommodation all on-site. By 1890 the buildings had expanded to accommodate 825 boys. 

The Artane Boys Band, famous for playing at all the big GAA games in Croke Park, was founded here in 1872. In 1962 they performed in New York and Boston and on American TV. 

"Artane" the largest industrial school in Ireland, closed in 1969.  From 1973, the main building of St. Joseph's has housed St. David's CBS School. The Artane Band continues to this day under the direction of the community-run the Artane School of Music (housed in the old refectory). None of the other former buildings, including the school's former chapel, are extant. [For a comprehensive history of this institution, see links below].

Records from Artane Boys School

For records about individuals who lived or worked here, please note that many repositories apply a closure period of 100 years. 

For online records, such as the 1901/ 1911 Census of Ireland and Petty Court Records (up to 1921) see the links below.

For confidential information about a relative who spent all or part of their childhood here, see Barnardo's Origins Tracing Services.

The annual Corpus Christi procession at Artane School (1925)

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History of Artane Industrial School (Higginbotham) Ireland VIEW SOURCE
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  • very interesting

    Thursday 11th March 2021 12:27AM
  • My uncle, who is now an elderly man, spoke of his horror at being "put into" Artane in the 1950s. Run by so- called Christian brothers  he stated to me how ,he and other boys, were regularly abused, starved and mistreated. Indded he received nearly €300,000 in compensation after an investigation of Artane Industrial School  by the Irish state broadcaster RTE.

    He later left Ireland for America (the Irish Diaspora) and had a successful  life in southern California.  For all it's trying to put a positive spin on its marching band at GAA games etc; my uncle told me he felt a sense of foreboding and anxiety whilst living there -  feeling that linger to this day.

    Saturday 1st January 2022 12:55PM
  • I adore watching such videos. They make me feel like I'm traveling to the past times.


    Friday 14th April 2023 04:36PM

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