Killummod (Roscommon)

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KILLUMOD today, gives its name to a townland (53° 54' 8" N, 8° 7' 37" W), a civil parish and an electoral district. The clue to the origin of this placename lies within the prefix "Kill-" (Gaelic: Cill) meaning church. 

Cill Lomad – a small monastic church – was founded by St. Lomad here, in or about the 6th or 7th century.   (In the 5th century, St Patrick is believed to have visited Elphin, consecrated its first church and ordained its first bishop). The history of St. Lomad has been lost to time. 

Alternative spellings: Killinnid or Killimod (Eccleastical Annals 1606); Killminute (Eccl. Annals 1616);  Killumid (Inquisitions James I) Killumod (Population Report 1821); Kilommod; Killummod; Kilmudde; Kilmoda; Cill Lomad 

Cill Lomad (aka Cill Lomatt) is mentioned in the Irish Annals of The Four Masters in 1310 and again in 1330 AD as being at or near Díseart Nuan (lit. St Nuan's Hermitage) aka Estersnow. 


Annals of the Four Masters: iii. 546;  1330 AD Ro cuirdh iomaircc ttorra lth for lith go rangatar th Disirt Nuadan. Donnchadh macDomhnaill Mic Mathgamhna, Mac Giolla Comdhin, uathadh do muintir U Concobhair do mharbhadh im an th. Ua Concobhair go maithibh a muintire do dol da n-aimhdin uatha go rinicc gusna Tuathaibh. Longport do ghabhail do Mac Uilliam i c-Cill Lomatt i c-comhfochraibh d'Ua c-Concobhair.

Annals of Connacht:  "C. Lomat, in Uachtar Tíre in Connacht" [Con. 27a]; "C. Lomad, at or near Disert Nuadan in Connacht" [Con. 33 a.] 

Annals of Ulster Killummod townland. and parish, barony Boyle, Roscommon. [Au. ii. 448].  

Annals of Loch Cé 1310 A.D.

13] ... O ranic, imorro, sgéla in mharbhtha Aodha Breiffnigh                    15] it. As soon as the news of the murder of Aedh 
14] docum Uilliam Burc, & docum Mic Dhiarmadha &                                16] Breifnech, moreover, reached to William Burk, and to 
15] tshil Muireghaigh co Cill Lomad airchena, ro ghluaisedar                  17] Mac Diarmada, and to the Síl-Muiredhaigh also, to Cill-Lomad
16] a cedóir for creachaib docum mhuinntire...                                         18] they immediately proceeded on preying expeditions...

Annals of Loch Cé  1330 A.D.

27] ... Agus gabhus Mac Uilliam longport an adhaig                            27] ... O'Conchobhair went afterwards actively, proudly, into the Tuatha;
28] sin a Cill Lomad ar inchaibh .H. Conchubhair.                              28]  and Mac William fixed his camp  that night at Cill-Lomad, in presence of O'Conchobhair.


In 1837 Lewis mentions "Here are the remains of an old church, with a cemetery attached" yet the Ordnance Survey Parish NameBook, of the same year, only records "There are 4 forts and a burying ground" in its descriptive remarks. The first OS map of 1838 illustrates the graveyard, but shows no markings for the ruins of a church. 


From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837

KILLUMOD, a parish, in the barony of BOYLE, county of ROSCOMMON, and province of CONNAUGHT, 3 miles (S. S. W.) from Carrick-on-Shannon, on the road from that place to Elphin; containing 1978 inhabitants. It comprises 2883 statute acres, as applotted under the tithe act, also several small lakes, and a quantity of bog; there is some excellent limestone. At Cartron are a bleach-green and a corn-mill. Here is Danesfort, the residence of T. Roycroft, Esq. It is a vicarage, in the diocese of Elphin, forming part of the union of Aughrim: the rectory is impropriate in Viscount Lorton: the tithes amount to £84, which is equally divided between the impropriator and the vicar.

In the R. C. divisions it forms part of the union or district of Killuken. About 70 children are educated in a private school. Here are the remains of an old church, with a cemetery attached.



GRAVEYARDS in the parish of  KILLUMOD

Killummod Old Graveyard (Roman Catholic)

Killapoge Cemetery (Roman Catholic)

Croghan (Church of Ireland)


Your first port of call when visiting the area:

Carrick-on-Shannon & District Historical Society (Cumann Seanchais Muintir Eolais)








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