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photo © termonmaguirkparish.com
photo © termonmaguirkparish.com

The original RC chapel at Loughmacrory was built in 1833 on what is believed to have been the site of the local Mass Rock during Penal Times. 

  • In 1837, Samuel Lewis mentions this chapel in the Termonmaguirk entry of his Topographical Dictionary of Ireland.

  • Constructed from local whinstone, the original church had a slated pitch roof and was 64ft long and 25ft wide.

  • Sometime between 1859-1900 the church was extended to incorporate a long aisle

  • In 1916 a new sanctuary to the north was added to create a cruciform. Further renovations took place in 1938 and 1961. 

  • The present church (pictured above) opened in 1987 on the site of the original church (which still retained parts of the 1833 structure up to that date). 

  • A plaque in the car park marks the site of the 1833 church sanctuary.


To search for baptism and marriage records in old Parish Registers for Loughmacrory (which was part of of the RC parish of Termonmaguirk) click HERE

Other RC chapels attached to these parish registers were Aghogogan, Drumduff, CregganRocktown aka Creggandevesky or the altar (mass-rock) at which the R.C. clergy of the parish of Cloghany officiated in SW Termonmaguirk.


The adjoining cemetery was opened in 1933. Previously the burials had been in Carrickmore graveyard.

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