St Nicholas (Galway)

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St. Nicholas' Church, Galway
St. Nicholas' Church, Galway

James Hardiman in his History of Galway had this to say about the building:

'The foundation of the new collegiate chapel of St. Nicholas was laid on 1st July, 1816... by Hyacinth Daly Esq., Mayor of the town. This memorable day presented a sight in Galway which forcibly envinced the increasing liberality of the times, and which was as grateful to every liberal patriotic and enlightened mind as it was novel and unprecedented in the annals of the country - the head of a Protestant corporation laying the foundation of a Catholic Chapel in a town where, within the memory of many persons yet living, a Catholic would be liable to persecution for daring to avow the principles of his religion ... The entire edifice, when completed, will prove a considerable ornament to the town, and be one of the most spacious and elegant Catholic chapels in the kingdom.  The building was completed in 1821.'

The church is the only Anglican church in Galway City and today services and feast days are celebrated along with choral music events.


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