TermonmaguirkCounty Tyrone

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photo © termonmaguirkparish.com
photo © termonmaguirkparish.com

The original RC chapel at Creggan was built in 1832, on a different site to the present church (pictured above) which opened in 1940. 

  • It was a small basic structure, with a thatched roof and clay floor and no seats. (Typical of many rural RC chapels of that time, following Catholic Emancipation).

  • It stood on the site of St. Patrick’s Primary School (since closed) on the Garryowen Road.

  • In 1837, Samuel Lewis mentions this chapel in his Termonmaguirk entry for the Topographical Dictionary of Ireland.

  • In 1839, following the destruction of the Night of the Big Wind, parishioners were permitted to use the chapel to thresh their corn here before all the crop was lost.


To search for baptism and marriage records in old Parish Registers for Creggan (which was part of of the RC parish of Termonmaguirk) click HERE

Other RC chapels attached to these registers were Aghogogan, Drumduff, LoughmacroryRocktown aka Creggandevesky, or the altar (mass-rock) at which the R.C. clergy of the parish of Cloghany officiated in SW Termonmaguirk.

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