TrimCounty Meath

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This castle, located in the town of Trim, County Meath, is the largest and best preserved Anglo Norman Castle in Ireland. 

It was built by Hugh de Lacy as the stronghold of his estate in Meath. Though the exact date of construction is not known, the castle is mentioned in an account by Richard Butler from the 1830's which states that it was built in the year 1220, though the original structure would have been a far cry from the impressive feat of masonry which still stands today. 

The castle remains in excellent condition and not only retains the keep, but also the curtain wall and gatehouse. There is also the footprint of the earlier Motte & Bailey castle. 

Trim Castle medieval Ireland braveheart meath

Its more modern claim to fame is as a filming location for the 1995 hit movie, Braveheart. In fact, every castle shown in the movie is a section of Trim castle shot from a different angle. 

Trim castle is open to the public and regular tours are operated by the Office of Public Works, though please note that hours are reduced during the winter months.


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