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Tulla Courthouse
Tulla Courthouse

The Tulla Courthouse was build in the mid 1800s and was completed in 1838.  It was one of the longest serving courthouses in the country where district court sessions were held until 2008 when the Court Services amalgamated court venues.  The Courthouse has had a colourful history being the focal point of the village where many magisterial investivations were held during the Land War years as well as concerts, music events and other activities in the parish.  The Brady-Browne family were the initial owners of the building premises, but in later years, the building fell into disrepair even though it continued to hold a bi-monthly court sitting.  In 2004, the Tulla Courthouse & Community Development Ltd. group was formed and a grant from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport was awarded which allowed the Courthouse to update its facilities with a sound system, small kitchen facility as well as an addition which houses St. Francis Credit Union.  Today the Courthouse is used for a variety of purposes to include not only local club meetings, but history lectures, special events, concerts and some  Tulla Weekend of the Welcomes events.    Every Saturday throughout the year a local country market is held whereby local produce, crafts and baked home goods can be purchased.  A local coffee shop runs concurrently with the market. 

The Tulla Courthouse was recently added to the Record of Protected Structures associated with the Clare County Development Plan 2017-2023. 

Further reading of the Courthouse is available through the Clare Library website at:


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