TurloughCounty Mayo

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Turlough Round Tower - Image www.castlebar.ie
Turlough Round Tower - Image www.castlebar.ie

The picturesque village of Turlough is just 5 miles from Castlebar and boasts one of the most complete and best-preserved round towers in Ireland.

The tower was built in the 9th century and was a place of refuge for the occupants against attacks, particularly the Vikings.  It stands at approximately 23 meters with the original doorway 4 meters above the ground.  Adjacent to the tower is an 18th century, crucifix-shaped church.  It is believed that in 441 St. Patrick founded an early monastic site here.  There are four large angle-headed windows at bell floor level and four smaller windows in the drum that all have lintels. There is a visible offset on the south side of the tower.

Sitting on the rise of the surrounding graveyard, the tower is visible from all sides and makes a beautiful view on the skyline.  It overlooks the 30-acre Turlough Park which is within walking distance and is home to the Nation Museum of Ireland, Turlough.

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