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1,257bc Gaelic Milesian xix 29th monarch eire  Fiftysixth ard ri na eireann slanoll

36th thirtysixth generation***********207] 46iv 29 slanoll 1257bc son of ollamh fodhla

slan oll that is great oll was the health slainte of every one in his kingdom for there was neither plague nor sickness nor disease during his reign He had thirty years in the kingship  4 finnachta slanoll with grace and geide oilgothach fiachu ailill expert in arms with grace and the war warrior berngal

55 the son of ollom stately slanoll    ten years and seven on a free circuit

he died without change on his colour on the hero floor of the house of temair and it is unknown nobody knows what disease carried him off the king himself but he was found dead in the midchuart house in temair died in the banqueting hall at tara yet his colour changed not and his body decayed not he was taken from the earth by his son ailill to find out how he was at the end of forty years and his body was not decayed  Finnacta slanoll ged carbry progenitor of the rudricians slanoll 2nd reign of the sons derives his name from slan health and oll great he was so called because his subjects enjoyed great health in his time during whose reign the kingdom was free from all manner of sickness his name is made up of two gaelic words slan meaning health and oll meaning massive the gaelic toast word slainte meaning good health or cheers in bearla is understood to have originated during the years of his reign similarily slan abhaile safe home slan leat farewell and so on   


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