1852 Griffith Valuation Parish of Ardagh, Limerick

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1852 Griffith Valuation – Parish of Ardagh, Limerick 

The Griffith Valuation was a property tax assessment in Ireland that set the money that was due annually for the tax collector, money that financed the Irish Poor Laws. The Griffiths Valuation officially known as "The Primary Valuation of Tenements" is the primary 19th Century Resource for identifying the Townland of Irish individuals and their families. Because it is a Tax Valuation, it only lists the holder (lessee) of property and the person from whom the property was leased.  

Who conducted it - The agents of Sir Richard Griffiths, a Dublin geologist responsible for building many of the roads into the rural areas of Ireland in the 1820's after the previous potato blight.  

When was it done - The data for the various Counties was collected between 1848 to 1864. 


The Griffith Primary Valuation was completed for the Parish of Ardagh, in Co. Limerick in 1852. This survey that was carried out is often referred to as a census substitute. The reason we need a Census substitute is that almost ALL of the Censuses from the Nineteenth century were destroyed, either deliberately during World War One to create paper, or accidentally in the fire at the Four Courts in Dublin during the Civil War in Ireland in 1922.  

The Griffiths Valuation only gives the Head of Household in each townland and not the spouse, children or assorted grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who may have lived there. It is not much, but the best we have. An index of the names and townlands in this survey is online at http://www.askaboutireland.ie/griffith-valuation/.  This web site has not only all the details of each household but also maps showing the locations of each house.  

By combining the Griffiths Valuation maps with Google maps or Ordnance Survey maps, it is possible to drive straight to the place where your ancestors lived in the Ninetenth Century. The full Griffiths Valuation will tell you how much land, if any, the Head of Household leased, rented or owned, the value of any land or buildings, and therefore give some indication of how wealthy she or he may have been. 

Helping to Browse the Website and Interpret the Maps:  

To help search the information, we have added a Printout of the Griffith Valuation for the Parish of Ardagh taken back in 1852 to a Resource Folder on the Parish Message Board along with a Printable Guide to help keep you right. It will be a matter of opening three separate pages on your computer but hopefully it will be straight forward and easy to follow.

1) OPEN the 1852 Griffith Valuation PRINTOUT to see if there might be a relative or a location of interest  HERE  

2) OPEN the askaboutireland Website to help Zoom into the old Townland Maps -  askaboutireand - Griffith Valuation Link 

3) OPEN a page in Google Maps to help compare any of the locations from the old Maps and where it would be currrent day - Google Maps 


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