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the grianan ailech peninsula ailech neid the stone horse peninsula between lough swilly and lough foyle

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ailech frigreen green sward of the worlds royal kings fortress to which led roads horse trodden through the five ramparts hill where the dagda slept red are its flowers many its houses few its plunderings plumb its stones  a lofty keep is ailech frigrenn the heros rath a fort that fosters schools lime white house of granite a lovely spot is ailech gabrain green are its boughs on its sod the dagda famed in song found a dwelling for aed I tell you the legend of ailechs treasures one of his houses would feed half the world the reason why the name was found for ailech was its stalls if that is what ye seek     I know one with whom ye may find it eochaid ollathair marched through all erin broader was his countenance than half a plain    the heros eochaids three sons who knew no hour of jealousy were oengus and aed and cormat of the battle squadrons   corrgend son of faitheman a warrior among mankind was eochaids soldier that knit the ranks and knew no fear a tall sprig of a lad from mag cruachan with locks bright as gold with agile grace with a champions temper with the strength of nine    when the king of erin addressed him with inveighing words corrgenn came from criach aighe to tuath tuirbe district of meath and north Dublin not far from tara   tethra whitely fair was wife of corrgenn slender of shape there was none lovelier since the flood in all erin when tetra came to the banquet hall of tara  tara silent but still seat of high kings  she bestowed the charm of her regard on aed  thou he was not present corrgend went to visit her land   not sorry was tethra she gave her love in his absence in a gust of desire to aed     aed went into corrgends wife on an errand unblest woe for the reproach to tethras mate leader of lucky troops    then did corrgenn blood stained chieftain as requited slay forth with the boy that smirched his honour   after the deed corrgenn went his way to western Connaught though he found no shelter for his guilt aed was slain   eachaid went seeking corrgenn to crich umaill and with relentless pressure hemmed him in the narrow corner    corrgenn is taken in his guilt for all his bravery the strongman in a fit of anguish became the dagdas bondman      then all cried let us hang corrgenn chief of warriors if his clear bright cheek has shown haughtiness or pride  I will not do as you say said the dagda that which is not right and lawful may not be done by me life and honour are not due as the price of life this shall not turn aside the dagdas face from the divine decree        only he shall bear on his back the boy he killed till he find a stone of size to match him let the boy be laid in the back of corrgenn of cnoc na taiden to signify hereafter his punishment at the hands of the stern king of the gaels       aed was borne by eochaid might in battle no king before him bore to tara such a load on taras hill the dead man was lifted on the warriors back         he bore with him to the house of noble net the bright faced stripling corrgenn took his way through the midst of mag senaig and the brave wright reached at point of dawn the bright lough of febal dercilius a face alert in battle masterful in his halls was the king of the world followed by troops of horses when by mighty loch febail was found the occasion of ailechs name six hundred years and seventy by ancient report before the birth of Christ in a city of Juda bright of hue divine    five thousand one hundred and forty years above the plains with six years added there to passed in their houses yonder    till the golden poem of of ailech was recited by the host of monach jesus Christ lord of every land and every sea is the king to whom our song shall rise in his palace an ornament of beauty   febal mac lotain white of hand soft of shoulder a stone was cast up by the lough of length to cover the child        when corrgenn saw the stone of febal which he spied before him he bore it with him by uttermost effort an added burden    he declared verily to the dagda not gloomy of mein here is the stone fetched forth o warrior ah stone of pride said the dagda himself pure of countenance from the stone shall be the places name a saying in its homes      ailech shall be this place be called throughout banba honoured above hills like the silent hill of tara said the dagdas druid    corrgenn fell under the rude stones weight his heart broke the quicker was he laid in the grave at foot of tree      hence is named ailech after aed of the swift wind horses and after rough strong mangled corrgenn of cruiach aigle thereafter were brought two men of subtle art garban and imchell the sorrowing fair headed eochaid he bade them build a rath round the smooth slender folk to be a rath of goodly devices the best in erin   next son of indul surly of temper told them that the worlds brave host would not build the better part of ailech   diligent garban was bust with masonry and carving imchell was busy keeping guard about the house  the building of ailechs keep was ended through a toilsome work a single stone closed the apex of the house perilous hostages next son of undui the stranger he of the long weapon came and brought with him the winsome woman who dwelt in brega on elike nemain was never brought to the house of ailech     ailech neit from neit son of indui was the name of the place before another name was given to it it was guarded by weapons   ailech neid ailech neit the stone horse peninsula



  • lettuce, frivolous Horses can be seen galloping along pathways that wind their way past the ramparts of five hills, where the dagda rests, with red flowers adorning its many houses and its few loots hurled straight into its rock. A lofty fortress, Ailech Frönn Rath Heroes, nourishes the school, and the lime white house of granite is a lovely place.


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