1937 The National Schools Folklore Project Parish of Clondavaddog, Tullyfern and Killygarvan.


1937  The National Schools Folklore Project – Parish of ClondavaddogTullyfern and Killygarvan. 

The Schools Folklore Project material is now available online for the County of Donegal. Recorded between 1937 and 1938 as part of the work of the Folklore Commission, the stories, folklore and ways of life, sometime now lost in some parts of the Country have been preserved. The original copy books where national school children wrote their stories after having interviewed parents, grandparents and older members of the parish are available to the public in University College Dublin, and available to view online at: www.duchas.ie 

In the Schools Collection, the name of the school, teacher, interviewer and interviewee are given and so they are also a great source of family and local history. This would be a list of the School Collection for just some in North West Donegal. They are always looking for help transcribing both English and Irish material, and so if you come from the locality, or you have a relation within the collection, please do help out as best you can. 

The Parish of Clondavaddog, which takes in the townlands and surrounding areas of Fanad and Glenvar.  

  • Fanaid                               (73% transcribed)                Fanad, Co. Donegal. 

  • Ballylar                              (6% transcribed)                  Magheradrumman, Co. Donegal. 

  • Ballyheerin                       (9% transcribed)                  Ballyheerin, Co. Donegal. 

  • Drom Fada                        (2% transcribed)                  Drumfad, Co. Donegal 

  • Tamney (Robertson)       (7% transcribed)                  Tawny, Co. Donegal 

  • St Davaddog's, Tamney  (10% transcribed)                Tawny, Co. Donegal 

  • Cruach Ros                      (13% transcribed)             Croaghross, Co. Donegal 

  • Leatbeg                            (0% transcribed)               Leat Beg, Co. Donegal 

  • Baile Mhichíl                   (8% transcribed)               Ballymichael, Co. Donegal  

  • Caiseal (2)                        (7% transcribed)               Cashel Glebe, Co. Donegal 

  • Caiseal (2)                        (2% transcribed)               Cashel Glebe, Co. Donegal  

  • Caiseal (2)                        (0% transcribed)               Cashel Glebe, Co. Donegal 


The Parish of Tullyfern, which takes in the Townlands and surrounding areas around Milford, Kerrykeel, Ballyarr,  Tully Beg and Clooney. 

  • Glenalla                           (100% transcribed)                Glenalla, Co. Donegal  

  • Ray (2)                             (2% transcribed)                     Ray, Co. Donegal 

  • Kerrykeel                         (71% transcribed)                  Carrowkeel, Co. Donegal 

  • Brownknowe                  (0% transcribed)                     Brownknowe (Aughnish), Co. Donegal 

  • Baile na nGalloglach (Milford)    (38% transcribed)          Millford, Co. Donegal 

  • Milford                                            (38% transcribed)          Millford, Co. Donegal 

  • Tulach Beag                                    (0% transcribed)            Tully Beg, Co. Donegal 

  • Glentidaly                                       (0% transcribed)           Glentidaly, Co. Donegal 


The Parish of Killygarvan, which takes in Townlands and surrounding areas around Rathmullan,  OughterlinCrevary Upper , Drumhallagh Lower and Saltpans

  • Lurganboyce                              (2% transcribed)        Lurganboy, Co. Donegal 

  • Ráth Mhaoláin (Robertson)         (8% transcribed)           Rathmullan, Co. Donegal 

  • Rathmullan                                     (0% transcribed)           Rathmullan, Co. Donegal 

  • St Garvan's, Rathmullen               (3% transcribed)           Rathmullan, Co. Donegal 


BROWSE PLACES MAP: https://www.duchas.ie/en/plc 



Parish of Clondavaddog  

Parish of Killygarvan  

Parish of Aughnish 

Parish of Tullyfern  

Parish of Kilmacrennan  

Parish of Mevagh  

Parish of Clondahorky 

Photo: Ballylar National School, in Fanad - Teachers Mrs Begley and Mr Hugh McConigley, taken possibly in 1940's, 

courtesy of John P. McGrenaghan. 

Shared on IrelandXO by: Seamus Callaghan (Kerrykeel)