October 1836
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The Government in Van Diemans Land needed young women to even up the population.

The Government in London agreed to pay for a ship to bring over 200 unmarried women to Hobart to supply the unmet demand for servants and marriageable age women.  The William Metcalf sailed from Albion Street Docks in October 1836 and landed in Hobart in January, 1837.  As well as the single women, there were some married couples.  James and Catherine Jess were on this boat.  They were 24 at the time and had one son aged 2.  Their Application was approved and signed by their local Priest plus the Mayor at the time.  

I am trying to find Lace Lane as it was in 1836.  That is their address as on their Bounty Application.  I believe that they were married in St Finbar's Cathedral in 1832.  Also Baptised there.

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