2nd February 1819
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Fr. Hugh Quigley, priest from Affick, Tulla, Clare.

On this date, Fr. Hugh Quigley was baptised in Tulla.  He was a son of Hugh Quigley and Mary Lynch who resided in Derrygarv, Affick, Tulla, Clare.  Fr. Hugh Quigley was a supporter of Irish nationalism and the 1848 Uprising which saw William Smith O'Brien's sentence commuted to exile to Australia.  He served in Tulla and Killaloe during the Famine years.  He travelled and lived in the U.S. and died there in 1883.  He was an author of a number of books, helped set up Catholic churches in upstate NY, California and he ministered to the Chippewa Indians living near Lake Superior.  He is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Troy, NY.  Many of his descedant cousins continue to reside in Tulla. 

Further information is available through the Clare County Library website.



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