1st January 1847
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Londonderry Standard - Friday 01 January 1847


Monday, the 14th instant, meeting of the gentry and inhabitants of Macosquin Parish was Rev. T. McClelland, rector, in the chair, for the purpose of taking into consideration the best means of relieving the present distress. The substance of the resolutions agreed upon was.—

That a subscription list should be opened and a fund raised for the above purpose to be called the Macosquin Relief Fund and that Henry Richardson Esq. should be requested to act as Treasurer and James O. Lecky Esq. as Secretary.

The regulations of the Aghadoey Relief Food were adapted, the basis of their future action. A managing committee was appointed, consisting of Treasurer and Secretary, the Guardian of each Poor Law Electoral Division within the parish, and the following gentlemen Samuel Orr, Esq., John Wilson, Esq, Mr McLaughlin, Mr Wilson, and Mr Hanson, and they were requested to collect subscriptions from those not present then, and from the non-resident proprietors.

Mr David Mathews was appointed storekeeper, and it was decided that the meal required should be purchased from regular traders at current market prices. The following is a copy of one of the subscription lists, several of which are in coarse of being filled up:

 rev. T. McClelland £20, Richardson, Esq.,£100; Lady E. Richardson, £25; Mrs. the Misses Richardson £25, Samuel Orr. Esq , £20; J. Wilson, Esq., £5, Rev. G. Craig, £5; Rev, Dr. Huston, Rev, John Marlin £5, Mr. Alex McLoughlin £5, James Lecky, Esq., £5, Mrs. R. Bennett £5, Rev. M. Turs £5; Mr. James Mathews, £2; Mr. Mark Hanson £2, Dalryemple, £2; Messrs. D. Miller, £1; Mr. Caldwel | R. Miller, £1, Samuel Campbell £1, Captain Campbell, Mrs Bennett, £1; Captain Bruce, £1; Messrs. W. K £1 , James Oliver, £1 ; Miss Crow. £1.