3rd December 1862
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The railways stations at Dromod, Carrick-on-Shannon, Ballymote, Collooney, and Sligo (extending from the Dublin - Mullingar - Longford line, were opened by the Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland on the 3rd December 1862.

Freemans Journal, February 13, 1862; p2


Mr. Burns, the conractor for conveying engines and other weighty machinery for railway companies, arrived in Boyle on Friday, for the purpose of making arrangements for two engines and some trucks, &c, on the railroad from Boyle to Sligo. The government inspector is expected about the 1st of March, and if the railroad be then pronounced fit for traffic, the business, it is said, will commence soon after. All the telegraph wires from Sligo to Boyle ara now complete.—Roscommon Gazette


Freemans Journal, October 30, 1862; Page: 4


The inspection of the railway from Longford to Boyle. did not take place on the 23rd, as was anticipated, although the various officials were in readiness to receive the government Inspector, Captain Rich, whose absence was, in all probability, attributable to the extreme severity of the weather. The inspection is now postponed until Tuesday next, when it is confidently expected the inspector will pass the line. Tho line from Boyle to Sligo has been virtually passed by him, having nothing further to look after than to see that all the signals are in proper working order, which is the case. The delay in inspecting the upper portion of the line will not interfere with the intention of the company to open the line all through on the 3rd of November.—Sligo Journal