20th August 1832
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Mayo Constitution - Monday 20 August 1832


Three cases of Cholera have occurred in this town since our last report - two of them on the evening of the market day, and the third, the wife of a former invalid.

The medical men of the town experienced much opposition in attempting to remove one of these patients, whose case was most urgent—one man in particular armed himself with a pitchfork, and kept the police effectually at bay for some time, until a considerable number of persons had assembled, who commenced throwing stones down the street, and they were with difficulty dispersed. 

The populace then collected behind the houses on both sides of the street, and the flinging of stones was renewed, the imminent danger of the medical gentlemen and the police, who could not well avoid those missiles, from the darkness of the night, it being then past twelve o’clock.

Mr James Browne, Dr. Henry Browne, Doctor Ainsworth, and other gentlemen remained for nearly two hours exposed to the assaults of the mob, during which time only one shot was fired; but the magistrates at length, finding themselves utterly incapable of restoring tranquillity with only five policemen, thought it advisable to dispatch an express Castlebar for military assistance, which was promptly acceded to.

At an early hour the following morning, a detachment of the 83rd Foot, under the command of Major Summerfield, arrived at Claremorris, and tranquillity was in a short time completely restored. Previous to the arrival of the military, several of the rioters had been secured—one of them surrendered himself on the death of the patient.

We have every reason to hope that the decisive measures adopted by the gentlemen the town in this instance, will be attended with the best effects. There has been for some time past a manifest inclination on the part of the peasantry throughout the country, to oppose the authorities and medical gentlemen in the performance of their duties, and the energetic manner in which this attempt has been met and repressed at Claremorris, will, we are confident, effectually prevent its recurrence. The officers and party of the 83rd Regiment were entertained by James Browne, Esq., at Claremount, during their stay at the neighbourhood. 


  • I am relieved to know that the magistrates took decisive action by requesting military assistance from Castlebar. The arrival of the 83rd Foot under Major Summerfield's command appears to have been instrumental in restoring tranquility to Claremorris. It is unfortunate that such measures had to be taken, but it seems they were necessary to protect the medical professionals and maintain order.

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