14th July 1832
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CHOLERA LIMERICK. (From the Limerick Chronicle. ) 

Such an unusual stagnation in every branch of trade business was never known to exist before the present period.

The fatal epidemic, under whose visitation our population have been suffering the last month, causes a total suspension of the common intercourse of society, and the usual interchange of relations of general life. No sales can be made, and the shopkeepers complain bitterly of their condition

At the different fairs and markets in this county, in the last and present week, great reluctance was evinced to meet any of the Limerick dealers, or strike a  bargain with them.  The country people are exceedingly alarmed at the Cholera and in some of the villages, bed and refreshment was fused to victuallers from this city.

Lord Headley is Chairman of the Board of Health in Killarney. The last account from Galway furnishes 15 new cases and 5 deaths. Total cases 578; total deaths, 263.

SOURCE Saunders's News-Letter - Tuesday 26 June 1832

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