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The exact location is no longer known

The Register of objects recorded and kept in the National Museum states that the axe heads were found by a Michael Rafftery in the townland of Cnocnagur (aka Knocknagur) in 1901. All that is now known is that Michael found them on bog land owed by J. Burke Esq.

The find became known as the 'Knocnagur Hoard' and is said to have found a place in archaeological parlance as the 'Knocnagur Phase' or the period referenced as a feature of the Irish Bronze Age (2000 BC-1800 BC).

No memory of the find remains, despite attempts to find people in the townland who might recall the event. Cnocnagur bog is in the south-west of Kilcreevanty townland (pictured above), parish of Kilbannon-Kilconly, so it is assumed that the hoard was located in that general area.