Corpus Christi National School – opens 1931

1st September 1931
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The 1920’s and early 1930’s had seen a huge rise in the development of Drumcondra with almost 400 extra houses built during that time. This in turn led to an increased demand for school places and Corpus Christiopened its doors in 1931 to cater for this need.

Corpus Christi school was first established in 1931 to cater for the boys and girls of the local community. The Holy Faith Sisters, who were based in Glasnevin agreed to take on the running of the school and they travelled to the school every day to teach and to administer to the many children there. The school cost £18,000 to build and featured in an Irish architectural journal as an example of the most modern schools. The boys usually attended until first class only and then transferred to the boys’ school in Drumcondra.

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