Court Tomb builders of the river Foyle 4000BC

3rd January 0001
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The firbolgs make landfall on eires soil

4000bc two individuals from over 6000 years ago quite similar to cheddar man and would have had darker skin than we do have today dan Bradley said the findings suggest the dna is linked to individuals from spain and Luxembourg people who populated western Europe after the last ice age but before the farming era dan bradleys research suggests that there were about 30000 to 40000 people of the island of eire at the time that the dark skin genomes date back to they came here very probably by boat they ate a lot of fish hunted wild boar gathered plants and nuts  

4,000bc six thousand years ago shin sceal eile fado fado a very short while ago the fomorians  fomorii started to circumnavigate our talamh land of eire they chose derry for landfall down the foyle and walked to colm cilles derry daires plain and settled down on the banks of the foyle and begin to construct 26 court tomb passage mounds megalithic complexes with a Sardinian influence maybe from a Scythian source from the mouth of the river foyle to its source and they spread out some go east orient ways some go west occident leans from the lands of derry to discover occident western talamh of Fermanagh and ballyshannon down by the mouth of the assaroe erne enniskilleen

Goddess erann eriu eire everna iverna she who travels regularily sun goddess into the gallery into the stone mound gallery passageway into the rock chamber feminine anatomy around object edge space by the line of the sunlight cosmic male masculine form cosmic force in unity see both together    

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