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"Creggan, a parish, partly in the barony of UPPER DUNDALK, county of LOUTH, and province of LEINSTER, but chiefly in the barony of UPPER FEWS, county of ARMAGH, and province of ULSTER, 8 miles (W. N. W.) from Dundalk, on the road to Newtown-Hamilton ; containing 14,261 inhabitants, of which number, 1674 are in that part of the parish which is in the county of Louth.

This parish comprises, according to the Ordnance survey, 24,185-1/4 statute acres, of which 21,823-1/2, including 419-1/2 of water, are in Armagh, and 2991-3/4 in Louth.

Linen cloth and yarn are manufactured to a small extent by the farmers, whose principal dependence has been the breeding of cattle, but now most of the grazing land has been converted into arable, and even much of the mountainous district has been brought into cultivation.

The river Creggan, which divides this parish into two nearly equal parts, turns several mills and contains fine trout.

The principal seats in the parish are
Urker Lodge, the property of T. P. Ball, Esq., to whom the parish principally belongs ;
Crossmaglen, of Capt. Ball ; and
Clohog Lodge, of R. G. Wallace, Esq."

[From Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837)]

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  • Hi I am looking for a Mary Ann Stokes born about 1812 in Armagh possibly in the parish of Creggan or nearby. She married a Henry Ide who was a surveyor in the British Army.

    So far I have found a Elizabeth Stokes in the 1827 Tithe applotment and a James Stokes in the religious census of 1766.

    I have also found a George and Robert Stokes in the Griffiths valuation.

    I have had my DNA done and I found a few matches but their family trees don't tell me much.

    Not much to go on but I wonder if there any other sources that I could look at?

    Thank you



    Friday 11th March 2022, 01:20AM

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