Croghan Co-Operative & Dairy Society Ltd. established

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In 1898, Croghan was the second place in Connacht to establish a Co-operative creamery. The creamery business continued until the late 1990s when the intake of milk came to an end and the creamery became a store being run by Kiltoghert Co-op and later Connacht Gold. This agri-store in Croghan closed on the 31st December, 2015.

At meeting of the Committee of the Croghan Co-operative and Dairy Society, Limited, held in Croghan on the 6th inst, the following resolution was proposed and unanimously passed the members. Proposed by Mr Merrick Lloyd, J P, and seconded by Mr George Anderson Resolved That we, the Committee of the Croghan Creamery, at this our first meeting since the lamented death of Very Rev Canon Nangle, PP one of its members, beg to express our deep regret, and to record our sense of the loss have sustained, and onr sincere sympathy with his relatives in their affliction Mr T A Cox, Hermitage, was kind enough to convey this message to deceased’s relatives. [Sligo Champion - 14 January 1899]

Irish Agricultural Organization Society  December 13, 1911. (Copy)  

Croghan Co-operative Agricultural Dairy Society, Ltd. Boyle,  Co. Roscommon, Dec. 4, 1911 

We, the Committee of the Croghan Co- operative Dairy Society. Ltd.. , hereby condemn  in the strongest possible terms the recent  action of the Council of Agriculture inrefusing a Departmental grant to the I.A.O.  Society. Having had long experience of the  Society’s work, we are convinced it has been  of inestimable value to the farming classes of Ireland. We desire to see its work continued, and wo call upon our members of  Parliament and all the Co-operative Dairy Societies to take the matter up and have the recent vote of the Council of Agriculture reversed. 

The above was proposed by Bryan Teeny  and seconded by Roger Sheils at our Committee meeting held on above date. The other  members present were—J. M. Lloyd, D.L.;  Rev. Mr. Sinclair, George Anderson,  John Mullaney, J. F. Burne, and W. L. McEnery  (Manager). [Dublin Daily Express - Thursday 14 December 1911]