Croghan's "Shannon Gaels" GAA Club formed

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In the early days of 1889, when the Croghan "John Mitchels" and the Drumlion "Henry Grattens" GAA Clubs were founded, Croghan parish was divided between landlords, Lloyd and St. George under the Unions of Carrick and Boyle. 

The Mitchel's and Gratten's made their mark on the playing fields, and under the banner of Croghan, reached the Co. Senior Finals of 1903 and 1908.

They also had a powerful team in the period of 1916-1920 when players such as John Kenny and Odey Travers would carry the fight.

In the 1930s a great Croghan team emerged and under the leadership of Jim Creighton win the County Junior Final in 1939.

It was this unity of purpose that brought Croghan and Drumlion together in 1949 with the founding of SHANNON GAELS club.