1st January 1749
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The civil parish of Tibohine contains 96 townlands. Some of the following townlands lost their original Gaelic name as they would have been known in centuries past. Thee include:

In the 1749 Elphin Census, the parish of "Tobohin" seemed to encompass a large area from Loughglynn to Castleplunkett, covering 84 townlands (with some repetition. These are the townlands listed in Tibohine parish:

1. Frenchpark (now Frenchpark Demense) likely included Portaghard in 1749

2. Turlogh (?) > (Tully) aka Tullagh 

3. Rakery (Rathkeery)

4. Ratra 

5. Ochorin (Aghacurreen)

6. Caranruddy (?) Carrownrud~  

7. Mullin (Mullen)

8. Cooldavin (? recorded in an 1814 directory) 

9. Aghalour

10. Cloonard

11. Cloonfinglas aka Clonenglie

12. Carokeel (lots of Carrowkeel townlands but I'm not sure if there are any in the Tibohine area, maybe Parkeel ?) – yes. 

13. Edon (Eden)

14. Cloonarra (Cloonarragh)

15. Taunirover (Tawnyrover)

16. Kilgarive (Kilgarve)

17. Lisananny (Lissananny)

18. Tullynashoge (an old name for Tully ?)  Unlikely see # 2. More likely Tulagh na Siog or Fairy~  

19. Cloondart

20. Cornehulty (?) Carrown~

21. Derrinomekan (Derreenamackaun aka Errit – as this was where Errit Lodge sat)

22. Gortiganny (Gortaganny ) aka Gurtaganna

23. Carabehy (Carrowbehy)

24. Cooligary (Coolgarry)

25. Loughglin (Loughglynn aka Loughglinn & Loughglinn Demense) aka Loch mananain aka Loch a chaladh

26. Legatinty

27. Cloonshanvil (Cloonshanville) aka Clonshanboyle

28. Curska (Corskeagh) aka Corshagh

29. Carogarive (Carrowgarve) aka Carrogariff

30. Errit aka Eiread aka Erril 

31. Caronhard (?) >  Curraghard aka Caroward

32. Lisergool (Lissergool)

33. Balimagarra (?)

34. Kilteboe (Cuiltyboe

35. Cahir (Caher) aka Cagher

36. Errit repeat

37. Balliglass (Ballyglass East  & Ballyglass West) aka Ballymcgillagooly

38. Clontorwart (Cloontowart)

39. Derreen (Derrinea)

40. Caronokneran (Carrownaknockaun) aka Coronaghnokane

41. Curroghsallow (Curraghsallagh)

42. Creevy aka Creevagh

43. Erizan (?) >  Urrasaun  aka Orissane

44. Cloonaraget (Cloonargid) aka Cloonaragit

45. Taunadrisoge (When I look it up, a paper appears from NUIG. It's in Irish so I can't be sure that I understand it correctly but page 114 of document/131 of pages seems to record what the townland was known as down through the years. The last year was 1738 and it was recorded as Tawnedrishoge alias Curraghsallagh in 1663 so maybe it is part of Curraghsallagh now. Actually, the literal translation of Taunadrisoge is arable place of briers so it could be Briarfield) Yes

46. Curraghsalla (Curraghsallagh)

47. Lisadely (Lissydaly) aka Lissegoole in 1681

48. Cloonicaly (Cloonacolly) aka Clownekille

49. Kiltemane (Kiltymaine) aka Cullmane

50. Tullileag  (?) Could also be Tully. I can't read the full article https://www.jstor.org/stable/25535341 but it mentions Telach/Tulach Liag in relation to St. Patrick with the quote "as dwelling in Tullileag townland in the parish of Tibohine in Airteagh. This townland must therefore have been very small."

51. Kiltebranly (Kiltybranks)

52. Aghadriston (Aghadrestan)

53. Clooncagh (Clooncah) aka Clownecaha

54. Caracummeen (Corracommeen)

55. Drummot (Drummad) aka Drummit

56. Aghaderry 

57. Fiegh (Fighaka Feigh aka Fey

58. Cartoun (Cartron Beg)  

59. Edon (Eden) repeat

60. Curriturpane (Curreentorpan)

61. Barnecaly (Barnacawley)

62. Moyne

63. Corroghoghil (Corracoggil North & Corracoggil South)

64. Clegarna (?) > Clooggarnagh

65. Kilruddan (Kilroddan)

66. Tenecreevy (Teevnacreevy)

67. Ballinfull (Ballinphuill)

68. Tibohin (Tibohine) aka Taughaboyne aka Taghbohin

69. Lisahark (Lissacurkia)

70. Cloonfad

71. Mullinashee (Mullaghnashee)

72. Grallagh 

73. Letrym (Leitrim)

74. Lisdoo (Lisduff) aka Sleughbane

75. Balliglass (Ballyglass)

76. Bockil (Buckill)

77. Listrumneal (Lisdrumneill)

78. Driney 

79. Cloonmullen (Cloonmullin)

80. Clonbounogh (Cloonbunny)

81. Drumenagh (Druminagh)

82. Cleragh (Clerragh)

83. Bryanmore (Breanamore)

84. Raheely/Rahealy (Rahellyaka Rahilvee

MISSING (from 1749 listing)

Lecarrow aka Lockarhoo

Carrowbane aka Carrabane

Cartron More was "Corthoon adjoining Carrowgarriff" 


Cloonagh aka Clowna


Cloonsheever aka Clonshamer



Dungar aka Dungan aka Downegarre



Portaghard aka Highbog aka Frenchpark

Sheevannan aka Syannan


Turlaghnamaddy aka Turlaghnamadaff

(?) UNRESOLVED (in the 1749 listing)

33. Balimagarra 

12. Carokeel 

6. Caranruddy

20. Cornehulty 

8. Cooldavin

45. Taunadrisoge

50. Tullileag  

18. Tullynashoge


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