11th November 1848
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Westmeath Independent - Saturday 11 November 1848

Who Ought to Emigrate to Australia

The class of emigrants wanted in Australia, and whom the colony will abundantly reward for their work, are the industrious, the sober, and the healthy of the following classes:

—Shepherds, ploughmen, carters, labourers, gardeners, cooks, grooms, butchers, bakers, printers, millers, sawyers, bricklayers, stone cutters, masons, saddle and harness makers, carpenters, cabinet makers, plasterers, painters and glaziers, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, tailors,shoemakers, tanuersand curriere, female house serrants, nurses, farmers, retired officers and other gentlemen, with either small or large capital.

Those are the people who ought to emigrate to Australia, and to these our colony offers advantages which are not to be met with in any other part the world. In the United States, British America, and some other countries, wages may, perhaps, be as high here but where is the country in which any sum of money, however small, which a man saves out of his wages, can be laid out so advantageously as in Australia ? Where the country whose inhabitants possess so large a proportion of food as the colonies of Australia! And be it remembered, that the extent of our rich pastures Is illimitable there being no winter here, our flocks and herds may increase indefinitely—thus constantly multiplying food and employment for all that can possibly emigrate. Here is not only room enough, but remunerative labour enough, and to spare.— Rev. D. Machenzie.