31st October 1846
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From Saunders's News-Letter - Saturday 31 October 1846


The ex-officio members of the Burren Relief Committee, assembled at Ballyvaughan, the 28th instant, George Macnamara, Esq., J.P, in the chair, to settle the accounts of the past year, and to elect members to serve for the coming season. 

Proposed by Pierce Creagh, Esq., Barrister; seconded bv William J. Skerrett, Esq., J.P., and carried on unanimously: 

Resolved—That the parishes of Kilmoon and Killeaney, be erected into a seperate and independent relief committee. 

John O'Brien, Esq., M.P., chairman It was proposed by the Rev. Patrick Fallon, P.P. ; seconded by Rev. John Westropp, Rector and Vicar of the Union of Rathbourney, and carried with acclamation: 

Resolved —That the marked thanks of the meeting, and of the barony in general, be given to James Pratt, Esq . Government Engineer, T.C.D., for his unparalleled exertion in relieving the wants of the destitute inhabitants of the barony, which have mainly contributed the preservation of the tranquillity of this district, and that we repose in him our full and entire confidence.”

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