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Founded in the 12th Century this was one of the most important religious houses in the west of Ireland.

The site for the Abbey was granted by Thomas DeBurgo and founded in about 1200 and dissolved in 1543 and the land was surrendered to the Crown and given to the Earl of Clanricarde in 1570. The above image shows the remaining wall of the convent though the ground pattern (shifting dips and shallows) gives an indication of the size of the original site. A graveyard is also extant on the site and is still used to day from time to time. Finola, the Abbess was daughter of Felim, former King of Connuaght 1293–1316.

Little is known about the Abbesses, though Orla who followed from Finola was said to have had difficulties with the Archbishop of the time and appealed to the Pope for assistance on an issue of trespass.