The Firing at Mr. Creagh March 1889

10th March 1889
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The Firing at Mr. Creagh at Carrahan.

Arthur G. Creagh was a landlord living in Dangan who had become unpopular with his tenants due to evictions over several years.  His life was attempted on previous occasions.  On 10 March 1889, while driving from church services in Quin, he was fired at with his sister, Rebecca on the road in Carrahan.  He was unhurt, but his sister suffered eye wounds.  This outrage was reported internationally due to the fact that he had been previously fired on, had been a witness in a trial against one of his perpetrators who had been acquitted in 1873.  Debates in Parliament shortly after this incident drew the ire of British politicians as arrests had not been made, and a local Land League was active in the area.  No arrests were ever made, however the police search and investigation angered many of the local residents and caused concern amongst the local clergy.  Arthur Creagh survived all assassination attempts against him and died 7 November 1911.  He is buried in Quin Church of Ireland Graveyard.