First Home Rule Bill

8th April 1886
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On the 8th of April 1886, William Gladstone introduced the First Home Rule Bill to the British govenment. 

The real name of the bill was the Government of Ireland Bill 1886. 

The bill was introduced by liberaal Prime Minister, William Gladstone. 

The purpose of the bill was to create a devolved parliament which would govern specific areas in Ireland. 

Charles Stewart Parnell had been campaigning for Home Rule for Ireland since the 1870's and so his opinion of this bill was highly sought after. The bill was well received by Parnell, who stated that although the bill was not without its faults, he was prepared to vote for it. 

The bill was hugley opposed by the Orange Order who saw Home Rule as equating to Rome Rule. 

Two months later the First Home Rule Bill was defeated in a vote and Gladstone's parliament dissolved.