1st January 1885
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Borrisokane GAA Club was founded in 1885.

Their grounds are at Páirc Gairnéir.

Their colours are green and white.

Borrisokane are both a Hurling and Gaelic Football Club.


  • My great-great-Grandfather  Edward Kelly was born in Borrisokane about 1800. According to his wife's Death Certificate, for which he was the Informant, they had three daughters. She died in Rockhampton , Queensland in 1868. I can account for the two survivors at the time, but not the shipping records for any of the family..

    Apart from the DC and one newpaper article in which an Edward Kelly of the same address was  found under the influene by the police, my Edward Kelly is never mentioned anywhere in Australia. again.

    I have a friend whose ancestors also came from Borrisokane and she visited there a couple of years ago. She kindly included my Kellys in her research. Somehow she found that the Kellys had lived at Bourn Moor so asked a group of men standing near the cemetery, where she could find it. Two of the men immediately disappeared and the others waved vaguely and said the house was burned down.years before. Obviously it was a forbidden subject.

    I found a newpaper article c 1840 about a home invasion where Edward was accused of not replying to a letter. ( I need to find it.) The house was saved by one of the daughters barring the door.

    The Kellys aren't mentioned in the list of people who emigrated from Borrisokane but I do have a faint memery of being told that they lived in England before coming here. 

    My question is could the William Smith O'Brien Petition be involed in the story?  

    His wife's name was Bridget McNamara or similar, daughter of Timothy, a miller, and Mary Norton from Co Clare. 

    Maria Catherine had six children before she died fromTBin 1874.  All the boys had two Christian names which you would think would help finding the names of their grandparents.   I wonder why an Irish couple would name one of their sons George. It's such an English name. Only three of the boys survived infancy, but my grandfather was the only one who lived to have descendents. He had ten daughters and one son and forty grandchildren. After that I gave up counting!

    I have come across other Kellys from Borrisokane who settled in Queensland around the same time. but haven't had a reply from them when I tried to reach them. I have had my DNA done but none of my Irish relatives have.

    Thank you, Mary Round


    Thursday 3rd December 2020 02:17PM
  • Hi Mary, 

    Have you added these people to the Ancestor Chronicles? That's probably the best way to get some answers as our members who are connected with Borrisokane will be notified of the additions. Here is a link to a video where I explain the process. It's really simple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG2FDXyo4EQ&t=650s

    Best of luck with your research!

    Chronicles Editor

    Friday 4th December 2020 11:15AM
  • My Edward Kelly is never referenced in Australian media, with the exception of the DC and a single newspaper piece about a drunken Edward Kelly living at the same address as mine being arrested.


    Friday 28th July 2023 08:50AM

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