18th August 2013
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2013 was the year of 'The Gathering'. Communities all over Ireland were asked to host an event or events to attract visitors and the diaspora to come back to their towns and villages to give local economies a boost. The people of Castlebar re-enacted the famous battle between the combined forces of the French and Irish, and the British Redcoats. 15,000 people turned up to watch the event.

In Humbert's Footsteps was a weekend festival in August 2013 commemorating the famous battle in 1798 between the French/Irish and the British.

Other events took place around the county remembering General Humbert and his 1000 troops liberating the Irish as the festival built up to its flagship event on the streets of Castlebar that August 18th.  The participants came from all over the world to don the various uniforms of the opposing factions while over 100 locals dressed up and played the part of the 'pikemen and women'.  This huge spectacle attracted 15,000 to the town and the key-note speaker was for Taoiseach, Mr. Enda Kenny T.D.

That night the 'victory' concert was held in the Military Barracks, Castlebar where the line-up included local musicians and dancers with headliners Leo Moran (Saw Doctors), John Spillane, and Stephen Doherty band finishing off the night alongside a beautiful fireworks display.


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