1st May 1850
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Father Hoare, the parish priest of Killaveny (civil parish: Kilipipe), had had enough of watching the suffering and death of the local people during the height of the famine.

He arranged for himself and hundreds of the tenants of his parish to leave Ireland for a new life in America. On 2 May 1850, he was joined by many of the people of his parish and adjoining ones to board the ship Ticonderoga. The ship sailed to New Orleans and Kilpipe lost a large amount of its population.


  • Is there a list anywhere of names of those who joined Father Hoare on his voyage to America, Jaybee


    Sunday 12th April 2020 03:44PM
  • Hi Jaybee - there is an article from 1978 called "Passenger List of the Ticonderoga, 1850" on the academic database, JStore, which includes a passenger list. If you don't have access to an institution account, you should be able to register as a guest (see alternate access options). The link is https://www.jstor.org/stable/25519953 Cheers, Deb.


    Sunday 3rd January 2021 03:22PM

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