1st January 1798
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Just after dawn on 24 May 1798, the first clashes of the Irish Rebellion took place. The Irish Rebellion of 1798 was an uprising by The United Irishmen against British rule in Ireland. Influenced by the ideas of the American and French revolutions, the main force behind the rebellion were Presbyterians (angry at being shut out of power by the Anglican establishment) and Catholics (who made up the majority of the population).

The surrounding districts of Dublin rose as planned (in spite of the rebel leaders in Dublin having been arrested) and were swiftly followed by most of the counties surrounding Dublin. Despite the British Army successfully beating off almost every rebel attack, the rebels gained control of much of Co Kildare.

A French army which landed in County Mayo in support of the rebels was overwhelmed by British and loyalist forces.

The uprising was suppressed by British Crown forces with a death toll of between 10,000 and 30,000. 



Rebellion 1798: The Races of Castlebar

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