1st November 1935
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Joseph Lyons,  Prime Minister of Australia, visited Tynagh Ireland on 23rd June 1935, while in office.   

He  is the only Australian Prime Minister to be born in Tasmania,  with his Lyons ancestors  originally  emigrating  to Australia from Tynagh in the early 1850's .  Joe in 1935  with Paul Keating in 1991, both lay claim to being  decended from Tynagh Galway  stock, and visiting the place of their Irish Roots on the sports oval in the town, while in office. This is a somewhat great achievment, seeing that Tynagh,  a village of less than 900 inhabitants, produced  the forebears of 2 Aussie  Prime Ministers.  Joseph Lyons grandparents were Michael Lyons & Bridget Bourke, whilst Paul Keating' s  great grandparents were Keatings & Larkins  clans in Tynagh. 

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