2nd August 1908
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Croghan's "John Mitchel's" and Drumlion's "Henry Gratten's" GAA Clubs joined together under the banner of Croghan to reach the Co. Senior Finals of 1903 and 1908.

Roscommon Messenger - Saturday 08 August 1908


On Sunday last, teams representing Croghan and Kilbride met at Caldramoran, near Elphin, to play off the Roscommon County Senior Football Final.

The field was an ideal one for such a purpose; and the play, at times interesting and exciting, was witnessed by a large crowd of spectators. 

About 4 30 both teams lined up, and, on the ball being set in motion, the Kilbrides instantly got possession and made determined effort to score. The Croghan backs defended their post with great skill, and a tough struggle took place. Hession got possession and made an admirable attempt to score, but was foiled by Travers, who succeeded in placing a point to the credit of his team. Again the Kilbrides invaded the enemies’ territory and made a gallant attempt to equalise, but the Croghan men seeing the danger kicked behind.

A 5O was awarded the Kilbrides, but the ball went wide of the mark. The Croghbans again succeeded in bringing the ball into close proximity to their opponents’ goal posts, but all attempts to score were prevented by the skilful play of the Kilbrides’ backs.

Though the play was rather exciting neither teams succeeded in sending the bill between the posts for the remainder of the first half, but the Kilbrides missed splendid opportunities by what might be called "bad shots.”

At half time the score stood:— Croghan ... 1 point;    Kilbride ... Nil 

On resuming, the Kilbrides got possession, and after about five minutes brisk play succeeded in scoring point. A kick from the goal sent the ball into mid field, and the Croghan men made a dash for their opponents' goal, but were frustrated. Hession, getting possession of the leather, sent it rolling along the field, and convenient to the Croghan goal posts a struggle took place for a few seconds, until at length the hots ling of the red flag announced that Kilbride added a goal to their score.

The Croghan men seemed determined to equalise, and the ball was soon seen at the Kilbrides’ goal posts. Despite the most skilful play of the Kilbrides’ backs the Croghans gained another point.

For the remainder of the match the play was somewhat one-sided the Kilbrides kept the ball on the enemies’ side, and succeeded in adding a goal and two points to their score. During the greater part of the last half the Croghan men assumed the defensive and guarded their goal with great skill.

When the whistle sounded the score stood Kilbride ... 2 goals 3 points;       Croghan ... 2 points.